D3 Labs Showcases the Impact of Real-World Assets Tokenization on Financial Inclusions at BTN TechXperience 2024

Published 3 weeks ago on March 15, 2024

by Rina Kurniawan

D3 Labs Showcases the Impact of Real-World Assets Tokenization on Financial Inclusions at BTN TechXPerience 2024

D3 Labs, an Indonesian FinTech company leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is thrilled to announce its participation in BTN TechXperience 2024. Held on 28 February 2024 at the BTN building, this premier event serves as a platform for igniting innovation and fostering strategic alliances within the Indonesian financial sector. D3 Labs handpicked as one of 20 elite startups, had an exclusive opportunity to showcase its flagship product, SeaSeed. SeaSeed can potentially revolutionize financial inclusion through tokenizing real-world assets (RWA).

Founded in early 2023, D3 Labs is dedicated to leveraging DLT to enhance the efficiency and transparency of financial markets and banking systems across the Asia-Pacific region. D3 Labs’ mission is to create value for financial institutions through tokenization – digitally representing real-world assets through blockchain tokens.

Tokenization of real-world assets offers numerous advantages, including increased liquidity, fractional ownership opportunities, and enhanced transparency and security. Through Seaseed, D3 Labs espouses these benefits, demonstrating how blockchain technology can unlock value and democratize access to investment opportunities.

Seaseed represents a paradigm shift in how we manage and interact with assets,” says Chung Ying (CY), Co-CEO of D3 Labs. “By harnessing distributed ledger technology for tokenization, we empower individuals and institutions to unlock the latent value of real-world assets, driving financial inclusion and expanding access to previously elusive investment opportunities.

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BTN TechXperience 2024 provides a platform for D3 Labs to showcase the transformative potential of Seaseed. With key stakeholders from the different business divisions of BTN in attendance, D3 Labs initiated meaningful dialogues surrounding the adoption of blockchain technology for real-world asset tokenization.

Nixon LP Napitupulu, CEO of Bank BTN, explains that the organization of BTN TechXperience is part of BTN’s second phase of transformation in digitalization. Through this event, Bank BTN invites various startups to become partners with creative, efficient, and productive technologies, which will be applied in developing the housing ecosystem’s digitalization.

“We hope to create mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations between BTN and startups, which can help us accelerate our housing finance business and other business lines that we are currently developing,” said Nixon.

As Indonesia begins its journey towards more transparent rules for digital assets, aligning with OJK’s commitment to supporting the RWA tokenization by appointing Pak Hasan Fawzi as Chief Executive overseeing The Financial Sector Technology Innovation, Digital Financial Assets, and Crypto Assets, D3 Labs remains dedicated to pioneering regulatory-compliant solutions. Through participation in BTN TechXperience 2024, D3 Labs strives to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology for the benefit of all.

CY emphasizes the potential of RWA tokenization to bridge the financial gap. “We believe that tokenization offers a powerful pathway towards financial inclusion. By creating tradable digital representations of real-world assets, we can unlock new investment and economic opportunities for a wider audience, particularly younger demographics increasingly interested in alternative investment options”.