Recap: The Gathering – An Exclusive Highlight of Coinfest Asia 2023

Published 3 days ago on April 02, 2024

by Rina Kurniawan

The Gathering Side Event Coinfest Asia

Coinfest Asia 2023, Asia’s grandest festival celebrating blockchain, web3, and digital assets, showcased various events that captivated the crypto-enthusiast community. However, one side event stood out from the rest: The Gathering.

Hosted in the picturesque Uluwatu, The Gathering was an exclusive networking event orchestrated by renowned entities – Mythic Protocol, D3Labs, and GSR. The luxurious Grand Villa Uluwatu served as the venue, setting the stage on 24th August 2023 for an evening that will imprint itself in the minds of all attendees.

Highlighting Moments of The Gathering:

Fostering Future Collaborations: The evening was all about connection and collaboration. It offered an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to interact with industry pioneers. It thought leaders, forming alliances and bonds that could shape the digital world’s future.

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Gastronomic Delights & Beverages: As the conversations flowed, so did the free-flow drinks. The attendees were treated to a spread of exquisite tapas, adding a gastronomic touch to the evening of networking.

Music to Set the Mood: The ambient conversations and clinking glasses were accompanied by the beats of a live DJ, providing an electrifying atmosphere that kept the energy high and spirits soaring.

In attendance were the notable figures of the blockchain and crypto industry – Chu Ying Lai, the Co-CEO of D3 Labs; CJ Fong, the Head of Sales at GSR; and Arief Widhiyasa, the CEO of Mythic Protocol. A staggering 400++ participants joined these luminaries, hailed from diverse professions, including web3, ventures, fintech, and the broader crypto industry.

The Gathering wasn’t just an event; it was an experience, an affirmation of the digital realm’s boundless opportunities and connections. And as the evening concluded against the tranquil backdrop of Uluwatu, it became clear that this was just the beginning of many more such transformative events in the future.